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RFID Barcode Printer

Intermec PM43/PM43c Barcode Printer

  • Secure wireless connectivity: CCX (Cisco®) version 4 Certified
  • RFID standard and frequency: 18000-6C / EPC Class 1 Generation 2 865-928 MHz
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Max. Print Width: 4.09” with 406 dpi
  • Print Speeds: 4" - 10” per second (100 – 250 mm per second)
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Intermec PM4i RFID Barcode Printer

  • All-in-one, user-selectable printer languages – Fingerprint/Direct Protocol (DP), IPL, ZSim and DSim – in every printer
  • Secure wireless connectivity: CCX and WiFi® certified with WPA2
  • Integrated Ethernet, USB host and device, and serial interface standard
  • Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) support
  • Max. Print Width: 4.16”
  • Print Speeds: 4" - 6” per second (100 - 150 mm per second)
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Zebra R110Xi4 HF RFID Barcode Printer

  • RFID calibration feature with automatic program position selection for optimal transponder placement 
  • RFID counters for tracking of good and unusable labels
  • Multiple RFID power settings allow users to adjust the RF power in response to various protocols, transponder designs and sizes
  • Max. Print Width:4"
  • Print Speeds: 14” per second (356 mm per second)
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Zebra R110PAX4 RFID Barcode Printer

  • Print engine for high-volume RFID Smart Label print-and-apply systems
  • RFID processes optimised for fastest throughput 
  • Multi-Protocol reader/encoder can be upgraded with latest protocols 
  • Max. Print Width:4.1"
  • Print Speeds:8" - 12” per second (203 - 305 mm per second)
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Zebra R2844-Z RFID Barcode Printer

  • Greater processing speed and more connectivity choices-such as standard serial, parallel, and USB ports and optional internal Ethernet
  • Only compact desktop RFID printing solution available 
  • Rugged construction 
  • Max. Print Width:4.09"
  • Print Speeds: 4" per second (102 mm per second)
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Zebra RZ4000/600 RFID Barcode Printer

  • Integrated UHF Reader/Encoder supports EPC Gen2 (ISO18000-06C) 
  • RFID processes optimised for fastest label throughput 
  • RFID ZPL Commands allow ease of RFID setup with maximum flexibility
  • RFID Counters keep track of good and bad labels
  • Max. Print Width:4.09" - 6.6"
  • Print Speeds: 8" - 10" per second (203 - 254 mm per second)
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